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Why Choose JINPENG

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There are 14 production bases in China
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Production base exceeding 2666666 square meters
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More than 20000 sales outlets
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More than 15 million cumulative users worldwide
1charging stations for electric cars
charging stations for electric cars
charging stations for electric cars
charging stations for electric cars
5charging stations for electric cars

Enterprise Vision

To be the leader of global light environment-friendly transport manufacturer

Enterprise Mission

Create a better trip with science and technology and drive enterprise growth with innovation

Enterprise Values

Adhere to customer first, advocate professionalism, be proud of innovators and win-win with strivers

Electronic Car Manufacturing Technology

Every JINPENG car passes through the performance test line, water-proof testing and trial-driving testing. Simulating the various road and driving conditions, we ensure that each car is strictly test
Stamping Workshop
Stamping Workshop
With a total investment of 60 million US dollars, establish a German Schuler stamping production line.Fully enclosed fully automatic stamping machines are adopted, operated by robots, efficient and lean, to ensure the millimeter-level precision and high quality of stamping parts.
Welding Shop
Welding Shop
The whole vehicle is welded by fully automatic robots, which guarantees 100% welding quality and reaches the five-star safety level.
Painting Workshop
Painting Workshop
It adopts the Foremost cathodic nano-electrophoresis coating process and the spraying robot completes the full-automatic spraying inside and outside with stable quality.
Assembly Workshop
Assembly Workshop
Using an automated lifting large conveyor assembly line, motor distribution and auxiliary installation are achieved through VGA robots.

Electric Small Car Supply Chain Partner

A mature and complete supply chain system,ensures stable product delivery while providing higher quality services to global users
Hot-Selling Products Center
The company mainly produces electric bikes, electric tricycles, new energy vehicles, motor tricycles, electric forklifts and electric sweeping machines, etc., suitable for people's traffic riding, transport loading, entertainment and other unctions.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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Latest News

As the world gears up for a greener future, the race is on to lead the electric revolution. This is more than a trend; it's a global movement towards sustainable mobility.The electric car export boom is setting the stage for a cleaner, more sustainable world.

28 March 2024

Electric passenger tricycles have gained significant popularity as a sustainable and efficient mode of transportation. With their environmentally-friendly nature and cost-effective operation, more and more individuals are considering these vehicles as an alternative to traditional cars and motorcycl

10 January 2024

Jinpeng Group leads the new energy vehicle exhibition area at the 134th Canton Fair and launches instant bookingThe 134th Canton Fair has been held as scheduled on October 15 , 2023. Jiangsu Jinpeng Group, Jinshun Import and Export Trading (Xuzhou) Co., Ltd. is invited to participate in the exhibiti

16 October 2023

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The leader of global light environment-friendly transport manufacturer
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