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Electric Leisure Tricycle N8 Electric Leisure Tricycle N8
Electric Leisure Tricycle N8 Electric Leisure Tricycle N8
Electric Leisure Tricycle N8 Electric Leisure Tricycle N8
Electric Leisure Tricycle N8 Electric Leisure Tricycle N8
Electric Leisure Tricycle N8 Electric Leisure Tricycle N8


Electric Leisure Tricycle N8

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  • N8

  • Jinpeng


L×W×H(mm) 2120×790×1130
Wheel base(mm) 1565
Wheel track(mm) 630
Minimum ground clearance(mm) ≥100
Minimum turning radius(m) ≤3
Curb weight(kg) 114
Max speed(km/h) 25~30km/h
Max slope of climb(%) ≤15
Battery 60V32AH
Motor, Electric power control(w) 60V 800W
Driving mileage at efficient speed(km) 45-60
Charging time(h) 6~8h
loading capacity 1driver+2passenger
Front shock absorber φ31Hydraulic shock absorption
Rear shock absorber Magic carpet shock absorption
Front/Rear tyre Front 3.00-10
Rear 3.00-10
Rim type Aluminum wheel
Handlebar type
Steering wheel type
Front/Rear brake type Front and rear drum brake
Parking brake Handbrake
Rear axle structure Split Rear axle

Extended Vision, Enhanced Night Riding

N8, an electric leisure tricycle, features the independently designed LED eagle-eye headlights by Jinpeng. This innovation not only transforms nighttime journeys but also ensures significant advancements in safety and comfort. With an increased illumination distance of 9 meters compared to similar models, N8 provides a sense of security during night rides. Its adaptive high and low beam function, coupled with intelligent motor technology, delivers smooth startups and robust performance on steep slopes while optimizing energy efficiency. Riding the N8 guarantees not only speed and stability but also enduring enjoyment.

Supreme Comfort, Instant Gratification

The comfort provided by N8 transcends its stability on the road, owing to its utilization of automotive-grade shock-absorbing springs and extra-long hydraulic bidirectional shock absorbers. This design, with its powerful shock absorption, ensures triple-layered comfort for passengers, whether traversing bumpy roads or smooth highways, offering an unparalleled level of comfort. Moreover, in terms of braking, the N8 showcases exceptional performance, employing ceramic brake technology for instant and reliable stopping power. The optimization of high-speed rail ceramic materials and the roller power-saving structure significantly reduces braking distance, enhancing the vehicle's durability and safety.

Comfortable Experience, Ideal for Seniors and Mothers

Addressing the needs of seniors and mothers, N8 places a special emphasis on seat comfort. Its sofa-like high-resilience seat cushion is wrapped in four-sided elastic cushion leather, providing not only a delicate and comfortable touch but also durability and resilience, ensuring minimal fatigue even during extended rides. Therefore, N8 is not just an electric leisure tricycle but also the preferred choice for seniors and mothers, offering them a comfortable and safe travel solution.



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