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Jinpeng Group leads the new energy vehicle exhibition area at the 134th Canton Fair and launches instant booking

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Jinpeng Group leads the new energy vehicle exhibition area at the 134th Canton Fair and launches instant booking


The 134th Canton Fair has been held as scheduled on October 15 , 2023. Jiangsu Jinpeng Group, Jinshun Import and Export Trading (Xuzhou) Co., Ltd. is invited to participate in the exhibition and organize the exhibition with the theme of focusing on green travel for 20 years, it will also Globally displaying Jinpeng Group's industrial layout in new energy, light and green travel. All types of vehicles of Jinpeng Group are displayed this time. A total of 18 categories of products are exhibited, from new energy core component systems to manufacturing systems to final products. Jinpeng’s booths are located in the new energy vehicle and smart travel exhibition area and the vehicle booth.


According to statistics, the number of pre-registered European and American buyers for this exhibition increased by 20.2% compared with the same period of the 133rd exhibition, of which European buyers increased by 19.1% and North America increased by 20.3%. The number of countries co-constructed by the “One Belt One Road” increased by 33.6%. RCEP countries grew by 21.3%. Among them, 53 industrial and commercial organizations from five continents, including the China-U.S. Chamber of Commerce, China-Britain Business Council, Malaysia-China Chamber of Commerce, and Nigeria Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry, participated in the conference, an increase of 29.3% compared with the same period last year. When purchasing from various countries After businessmen poured into Jinpeng's booth, Jinpeng Group realized the grand occasion of signing orders on the first day, the booth is flooded with people. The exhibition opened from 9:30 am to 12:00 on the first day, that is, Completed 8 pre-orders and more than dozens of interested customers, and completed the signing of 3 orders in the afternoon, which can be described as a "busy market".


Jinpeng Group jinshun Import and Export Trading (Xuzhou) Co., Ltd. will release a new electric vehicle at the Canton Fair, the fully electric drive five-door four-seat model "XY". This model not only has intelligent interaction, convenient driving, and kinetic energy configuration , chassis tuning has made breakthroughs, and pre-sales will also be launched at the launch. Not only XY, Jinpeng also have model AMY and EC01, with mature design. AMY is the first pure electric product of Jinpeng Group for export trade. The four-wheel model has been loved by users around the world as soon as it was launched. It also attracted the attention of buyers at the exhibition. At the same time, the new energy electric vehicle EC01 won high praise from foreign guests at the exhibition for its ultra-high cost performance and large space performance. Jinpeng Group's vehicle booth also showed the cargo tricycle "ZHY" to foreign guests around the world, the leisure electric tricycle "V3" and "P2" and the electric motorcycles "MOG" and "HS", which also attracted the attention of representatives from various countries.


During the development period, in addition to global buyers, Jinpeng's exhibition area also received widespread attention from a number of medias. Mou Jing, vice president of Jinpeng Group, was invited to be interviewed. Mou Jing said that 134th Canton Fair is more grand than the 133rd Canton Fair. Jinpeng Group will also display its entire range of products to the world. Jinpeng’s products are not only outstanding in terms of materials, practicality, and applicability, but are also very eye-catching in terms of cost performance and revenue performance in various countries and regions around the world. Li Hongqiang, marketing director of Jinpeng Group, Jinshun Import and Export Trading (Xuzhou) Co., Ltd., also said in the interview, "Jinpeng Group has successfully exported its products. The next step will be to continuously improve products and expand coverage areas, carry out global brand building and factory establishment, and provide services as soon as possible." more countries and regions, while also continuing to further expand the commercial value of Jinpeng’s product partners.”


With concentration on layout and the courage to make breakthroughs, Jinpeng Group Jinshun Import and Export (Xuzhou) Co., Ltd. has established confidence in China's exports to serve the world globally in previous Canton Fairs!

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