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Jinpeng Group Appeared at HongKong International Automobile Expo

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JINPENG Group has landed at the Hong Kong International Automobile Expo with its 5 brands and 6 products      

On December 14, 2023, the Hong Kong International Automobile Expo was officially opened, and jinpeng Group made a strong debut at the auto show with its five brands, Jinpeng Auto, YIKE, Jinpeng Auto-JT, JEMMELL, and Jinpeng Cargo Tricycle. The booth is located in the new energy vehicle exhibition area of booth B06 in Hall 3, demonstrating the determination of Jinpeng Group to focus on highlighting brands to go to sea.    

YD appears

The Medium Plan" for the Sea Pixies

The two product matrices of YD and XY of YIKE brand were unveiled, showing the phased achievements of YIKE brand in comprehensively promoting the strategy of new energy going to sea.

In order to further the YIKE's style and popular IP, the YIKE's "mid set plan" invited Hong Kong users to participate in it, and jointly created a "maverick' model that more meets their expectations. At the Hong Kong lnternational Automobile Expo, the two models have attracted the attention of many visitors once they appeared, and the two new colors of YIKE YD and YX highlight green travel.


Jinpeng High Performance Cargo Tricycle is coming to town    

C-HA200QP performance version was unveiled

Large, high-performance, practical and pure electric freight -- C-HA200QP performance version was officially unveiled at the Hong Kong International Automobile Expo. This tricycle was born for cargo transport, and was built for convenience based on the world's leading intelligent professional cargo transport platform. lt is another masterpiece of the Jinpeng brand freight transport category innovation in the new era. lt perfectly integrates the hard and wild with life assistance, making it bigger, stronger, more fun and more changeable, Meet users yearning for transport and life with unparalleled crossing ability, outstanding cargo carrying ability, changeable refitting ability, and full scene leisure adaptability.  

Jinpeng Vehicle-JT 03 debuted overseas

The process of brand premiumization is fully accelerated, and

Jinpeng Vehicle-JT03 brand made its debut with the new benchmark of luxury intelligent low-speed electric vehicle JT 03, which is a flagship product, highlighting the brand's unremitting exploration for the ultimate experience. Based on technological innovation, flagship products are the fulcrum, and exclusive services are the extension. JT brand started the construction of a multi-dimensional brand super high-end, leading China's low-speed electric vehicle to a new state. Since its establishment, JT has made continuous technological breakthroughs to bring reliable driving experience to consumers.In this auto show, JT03, as the unique pure tram scale architecture of Chinese brands, has advanced again in key areas such as power performance and comfort performance.

"One-of-a-kind"mechanics of bloom

Jinpeng New Energy AMY Special Session    

Today, Jinpeng New Energy AMY, the "new energy vehicle more suitable for you" of Jinpeng Group, focuses on convenient travel in the industry at the Hong Kong International Auto Expo, and goes all out to the road of "high-quality development”of the brand.

Lu Shouguang, Chairman of Jinpeng Group, once said: "Build the electric vehicle that people need most". Now, Jinpeng Group has deeply rooted differentiation in the brand gene, and is unique in the increasingly fierce competition in the new energy vehicle market. lt has not only created Jinpeng speed that has attracted the attention of the industry, but also demonstrated an extremely stable growth trend Since the listing of Jinpeng Auto, AMY has achieved sales of nearly 70000 units athome and abroad, and has been a club of 10000 units, establishing a healthy and healthy brand development ecology in the storm of "big internal volume" in the industry.  

JEMMELL New Energy shines at the AWE Pavilion

Bringing a new "first class travel" experience

JEMMELL New Energy - Ling Box was unveiled at the auto show, which has attracted the attention of many industry media as a "unique first-class travel class".

In the category of micro new energy vehicles, space has always been a key indicator to measure vehicle type and comfort. For LingBox, user experience is crucial.LingBox has reduced the "public share rate" to the lowest level. With a car length of nearly 3.6 meters, the interior can reach a space size of 2 meters and 8 levels,making LingBox's "house acquisition rate" reach 69.1%. Moreover, the second row and the back row can be flexibly adjusted according to the travel demand.

Battery is another important factor affecting safety in the new energy era. LingBox battery pack has passed 52 safety tests and developed its own battery management system to ensure user safety.

At the same time, relevant leaders at all levels were also invited to the booth of Jinpeng Group, including Fu Bingfeng, Executive Vice President and Secretary General of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, Jiang Zenghe,President of the Chinese Academy of Culture, Ouyang Jiamin, Head of lMXpo of Hong Kong International Automobile Expo, and leaders at all levels of Hong Kong Automobile Association, who visited and guided Jinpeng Group, and spoke highly of all categories of participation of Jinpeng Group, Make guiding suggestions and opinions on Jinpeng Group's products entering Hong Kong market and radiating Southeast Asia market!    


With the new JINPENG's strong upward trend, JINPENG Group has formed a new product matrix covering pure electric mini-sedan, pure electric commercial vehicle,pure electric cargo vehicle, electric motorcycle, electric recreational vehicle and crossover vehicle, and JINPENG Group will become a leader in leading the green mobility to open up a new pattern in the industry!

Electric passenger tricycles have gained significant popularity as a sustainable and efficient mode of transportation. With their environmentally-friendly nature and cost-effective operation, more and more individuals are considering these vehicles as an alternative to traditional cars and motorcycles. However, one crucial aspect that potential buyers often consider is the maximum speed of these electric tricycles. Understanding the factors that affect their maximum speed, as well as the legal considerations and limitations surrounding it, is essential for making an informed decision. In this article, we will delve into these factors in detail, providing a comprehensive overview of what determines the maximum speed of electric passenger tricycles. Additionally, we will explore the legal framework and limitations that govern the use of these vehicles on public roads. Whether you are a prospective buyer or simply curious about the capabilities of electric tricycles, this article will equip you with the knowledge needed to navigate the world of electric transportation.

Factors Affecting Maximum Speed

When it comes to electric passenger tricycles, there are several factors that can affect their maximum speed. Understanding these factors is essential for both manufacturers and consumers to optimize their tricycles' performance. In this article, we will explore some of the key elements that play a role in determining the maximum speed of electric passenger tricycles.

One of the primary factors affecting maximum speed is the tricycle's motor power. A powerful motor can generate more torque, which translates into greater acceleration and higher top speeds. Manufacturers often provide specifications regarding the motor power, measured in watts, to give potential buyers an idea of the tricycle's capabilities. It is important to note that different electric passenger tricycles may have motors with varying power outputs, so it is crucial to choose one that suits individual needs and preferences.

Another crucial factor is the tricycle's battery capacity. The battery is responsible for storing and delivering the energy required to power the motor. A larger battery capacity means more energy can be stored, resulting in a longer range and potentially higher maximum speed. It is worth noting that battery technology is constantly evolving, and newer models may offer improved capacity and efficiency. When considering an electric passenger tricycle, it is essential to assess the battery capacity and choose one that aligns with the desired speed and range requirements.

The weight of the tricycle and its load can also impact maximum speed. Heavier tricycles will require more power to achieve higher speeds and may experience reduced acceleration. Additionally, the weight of the rider and any additional cargo being carried can further affect the tricycle's performance. Manufacturers often provide weight limits and recommendations to ensure optimal performance and safety.

The terrain on which the tricycle is operated is another crucial factor. Electric passenger tricycles may perform differently on flat surfaces compared to uphill or uneven terrains. Steep inclines or rough roads can place additional strain on the motor and battery, potentially affecting the maximum speed. It is important to consider the intended use of the tricycle and choose a model that can handle the specific terrain requirements.

Legal Considerations and Limitations

When it comes to operating an electric passenger tricycle, there are several legal considerations and limitations that must be taken into account. These considerations are in place to ensure the safety of both the driver and the passengers, as well as other individuals on the road.

One of the most important legal considerations is the requirement for a valid driver's license. Just like any other motor vehicle, operating an electric passenger tricycle requires a driver's license. This is to ensure that the person behind the wheel is capable of operating the vehicle safely and responsibly. Additionally, some areas may require a specific type of license or endorsement for operating a tricycle.

Another legal consideration is the need for proper registration and insurance. Electric passenger tricycles are considered motor vehicles and, as such, must be registered with the appropriate authorities. This helps to ensure that the tricycle is properly accounted for and can be traced back to its owner if necessary. Insurance is also crucial, as it provides financial protection in the event of an accident or damage to the tricycle.

In terms of limitations, speed restrictions are often imposed on electric passenger tricycles. These limitations are put in place to ensure that the tricycles are operated at a safe and manageable speed, especially in areas with heavy traffic or pedestrian activity. It is important for tricycle operators to adhere to these speed limits to prevent accidents and maintain the well-being of everyone on the road.

Additionally, there may be restrictions on where electric passenger tricycles can be operated. Certain areas, such as highways or busy city centers, may have specific regulations or bans in place for tricycles. These limitations are typically implemented to ensure the smooth flow of traffic and prioritize the safety of all road users.


The article discusses the factors that contribute to the maximum speed of electric passenger tricycles. It mentions that motor power, battery capacity, weight, and terrain all play important roles in determining the speed of a tricycle. It advises individuals to consider these factors when choosing an electric passenger tricycle to ensure it aligns with their needs and preferences. The article also highlights the legal considerations and limitations of operating an electric passenger tricycle. These include having a valid driver's license, proper registration and insurance, adherence to speed restrictions, and compliance with specific regulations or bans in certain areas. It emphasizes the importance of understanding and following these legal requirements to ensure a safe and legal operation of the vehicles.

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