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Jinpeng Group Jimai New Energy once again won the "Jiangsu Province Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Workshop"

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Recently, the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology and the Provincial Department of Finance organized and carried out the identification of provincial intelligent manufacturing demonstration workshops in 2023. After five months of cooperation between the Group’s Science and Technology Patent Department and the Jinpeng Group’s Jimai Information Center team, the group passed Independent declaration, urban recommendation, formal review, credit inquiry, material review, on-site verification and other procedures, and announced the list of Jiangsu Province intelligent manufacturing demonstration workshops to be awarded in 2023, Jinpeng Group Jiangsu Jimai New Energy Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd. "Energy Vehicle Painting Workshop" was selected! (Remarks: After Jimai New Energy was approved as an intelligent demonstration workshop for the final assembly workshop for the first time in 2022, it has now become one of the few "Dual Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Workshop" companies in Jiangsu Province!)


The "Jiangsu Province Demonstration Intelligent Workshop" was organized by the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology and the Department of Finance to organize industry experts to comprehensively evaluate the advanced level of processing and manufacturing equipment of the enterprise's production system, the degree of automation of the production process, the precision standards of the production process, and the quality of the production organization. Scientific and rational arrangements and many other factors, and in accordance with the "Made in China 2025" standards and the development requirements of intelligent manufacturing, authoritative assessments of enterprises are made.

As the only new energy vehicle company in the Huaihai Economic Zone with production qualifications for passenger cars and commercial vehicles, it has successfully applied for selection again, which highly recognizes the intelligent manufacturing level of Jinpeng Group Jimai New Energy and fully affirms Jinpeng Group Jimai New Energy's success in Achievements and various innovative measures implemented in the field of new energy vehicle intelligent manufacturing.




As the coating workshop continues to introduce various types of intelligent equipment, industrial software, advanced technologies, and management methods, the comprehensive benefits of the workshop have been significantly improved. One vehicle can be rolled off the production line in 3 minutes, the personnel output ratio has been reduced by 50%, and the pass rate has been improved. to 90%, the energy utilization rate increases by 40%, and the working environment is significantly improved. Jinpeng Group Jimai New Energy has been actively responding to "Made in China 2025", insisting on green, intelligent, and high-end development, constantly strengthening product upgrades and process innovation, and contributing wisdom and strength to the realization of "carbon neutrality"!

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