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Electric Passenger Tricycle XT

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  • Electric Passenger Tricycle XT

  • Jinpeng

S/N Parameter classification Parameter directory XTBW61D5
Optional colors White、Red、Pink
4 Vehicle code 91816717
5 L×W×H(mm) 2480×1185×1625
6 Wheel base(mm) 1845
7 Wheel track(mm) 1010
8 Minumum ground clearance(mm) 180
9 Minimum turning radius(m) 6.5
10 Curb weight(kg) 332
11 Max speed(km/h) 27
12 Max slope of climb(%) 15
13 Battery lead-acid:60V/45-52AH
14 Motor, electric power control(w) 60V1000W
15 Driving mileage at efficient speed(km) 50
16 Charging time(h) 8
17 Body structure 5doors 3seats
18 Shock absorber type Front shock absorber Genegration 2 Hydraulic shock absorption
19 Rear shock absorber Steel suspension
20 wheel Front/Rear tyre 4.00-10 Tubeless
21 Rim type Iron
22 Steering type Handlebar type
23 Steering wheel type
24 Brake Front/Rear brake type Front drum /rear drum
25 Paking brake Handbrake
26 Rear Bridge Rear axle structure High-Low Rear axle
27 Function configuration Remote control key
28 Alarm
29 Glass lifts Hand lift
30 Wiper
31 Skylight
32 Seat Foam Seat with spare seat
33 Front  tempered glass windshield
34 Front headlight LED
35 High level headlight
36 High and low speed function
37 Warm air blower
38 Reverse light
40 LCD meter
41 Entertainment system Speaker
42 Player
43 MP3
44 Reversing image
45 USB charging port
46 Accessory tools Instructions
47 Battery cable
48 Loading Capacity 40HQ 9 units
50 20GP 2 units
Note:       ●   Standard       ○   Optional      -   None                    

XT 001XT 007XT 004XT 006

XT Passenger Tricycle: The Comfortable Choice for Urban Travel

In the bustling city, finding a practical and comfortable transportation solution is every urbanite's aspiration. Today, we introduce to you the XT Passenger Tricycle, a vehicle that will revolutionize your urban travel experience.

1. Spacious and Comfortable, the Ideal Urban Travel Companion

The XT Passenger Tricycle offers passengers a spacious and comfortable ride with its five-door, three-seat design. With a body size of 2480×1185×1625, it ensures stability while easily navigating urban roads. Whether it's for family outings or gatherings with friends, the XT fulfills all your needs, making urban life more convenient.

2. Safe and Stable, Giving You Peace of Mind on the Road

The XT Passenger Tricycle prioritizes passenger safety and comfort. It utilizes advanced suspension and braking systems to ensure stability and safety during rides. Additionally, the five-door design facilitates passenger boarding and disembarking, further enhancing the overall safety of the vehicle. You can confidently drive the XT and enjoy worry-free urban travels.

3. Flexible and Convenient, Suiting Multiple Urban Purposes

The XT Passenger Tricycle, with its compact and agile nature, is suitable for a wide range of urban applications. Whether it's for short commutes, picking up kids from school, shopping, or leisure outings, the XT handles them all with ease. Its presence enriches your urban life and makes travel more convenient and efficient.

4. Stylish Exterior, Reflecting Your Unique Taste

The XT Passenger Tricycle boasts a stylish exterior and unique design, becoming a striking sight in the cityscape. Driving the XT not only offers you comfort and convenience, but also showcases your personality and refined taste. In the hustle and bustle of the city, the XT becomes your loyal companion, accompanying you through every wonderful moment.

In summary, the XT Passenger Tricycle, with its spacious comfort, safety, flexibility, and stylish appearance, is the comfortable choice for urban travel. If you're looking for a transportation solution that fits your urban lifestyle, choose the XT Passenger Tricycle and embrace the joy of comfortable and convenient urban travels!


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