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Low Speed Electric Car D90

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  • D90

  • Jinpeng


NO. Classification Specification catalog D90
1 Vehicle specification Model source code S79
2 Model JP3572S79
3 Material code 90700308
4 Dimension (L*W*H) 3550×1540×1520
5 Wheel base 2300
6 Wheel track(mm) 1360/1360
7 Minimum ground clearance(full load)(mm) 120
8 Minimum turning radius(m) ≤5.5
9 Curb weight(kg) <710
10 Gross weight(kg) <1010
11 Max speed(km/h) ≤42
12 Eco Speed (km/h) ≥35
13 (0~30km/h)Acceleration time(s) ≤10
14 Max slope of climb(%) ≥20
15 Battery 7.68KWH Lithium
16 Motor、Electric Power Control AC 3.5kW-72V
17 Driving mileage at maximum speed(km) 100-110
18 Driving mileage at efficient speed(25℃ ) 110-120
19 Driving type Rear Drive
20 Charging time(h) 8-10
21 Body structure Body Type Load-bearing body
22 Body Structure 5 Door 4 Seats SUV
23 Suspension structure Front suspension Mcpherson type independent suspension
24 Rear suspension Trailing-Arm Suspension
25 Wheels Tire size 155/65 R13
26 Rim type ●Steel /○Alloy
27 Hubcap ●/—
28 Steering system Steering gear type Rack and pinion
29 Mechanical steering
30 Steering wheel height adjustment function
31 Steering wheel Ordinary
32 Electronic steering assistance
33 Brakes Front/rear brake type Front Disc Rear Drum
34 Parking brake Hand Brake
35 Brake booster
36 Rear axle Rear axle speed ratio 12:1
37 Humanized design Safety belt unfastened reminder
38 Parking is not loose reminder
39 Door unclosed reminder
40 Remote control key
41 Keyless entry
42 One-key start
43 Glass lifts Electric Four Doors
44 One-key lifting of glass One button drop
45 Wiper Bone wiper
46 Back door opening mode Manual
47 Child lock
48 inside and outside decoration Main drive seat adjustment form Four-way manual
49 Front & rear seat headrest adjustment function
50 Co-pilot seat adjustment type Four-way manual
51 Rear double seat
52 The whole car seat row tiling function
53 Seat cover material ●Fabric/○Leather
54 3 point seat belt for main driver
55 3 point seat belt for passenger
56 Rear seat belt
57 Main drive visor
58 Front passenger visor
59 Door storage box
60 Co-pilot  safety handle
61 Safety handle in the rear
62 Front interior ceiling light
63 Rear interior ceiling lamp
64 Side view mirror manual adjustment
65 Mechanical anti - glare inside rearview mirror
66 Fixed wind tail
67 Front anti-collision beam
68 Front windshield tempered glass
69 Back door Metal
70 Functional configuration Front combination lamp Halogen+Lens
71 Headlight height adjustment
72 High and low speed function
73 Warm air blower (Defrost)
74 Electric air conditioning (Warm and cold )
75 Daytime running light
76 Rear fog lamps
77 Front fog lamps
78 Back light
79 High brake light
80 12V power
81 Combination LCD meter
82 Electronic central control lock
83 Exterior rearview mirror turn light
84 Range extender
85 Entertainment system Speaker 2
86 Bluetooth hands-free device
87 APPpeople +car+life(Internet of cars)
88 Big screen 9 Inch
89 Radio
90 Antenna In-built
91 Reversing image
92 USB charging port
93 Accessory tools Instructions
94 Maintenance booklet
95 Jack
96 19#Wrench
97 Warning tripod
98 Front tow hook device
Note:●Standard            ○Optional            —none

D90 Low-Speed Four-Wheel SUV: The Ideal Choice for Urban Travel

In the hustle and bustle of urban life, we desire a convenient and comfortable mode of transportation. The D90 low-speed four-wheel SUV has emerged as a city-friendly solution. As a five-door, four-seat urban powerhouse, it not only provides convenience for your daily commute but also adds a unique touch to your journeys.

1. Stylish Exterior, Showcasing Personality

With its unique body dimensions of 3550×1540×1520, the D90 easily navigates the streets and alleyways of the city. Its sleek design and streamlined body contours align with urban aesthetics while showcasing the owner's individuality and taste. Whether it's picking up your kids from school or heading out with friends on the weekends, the D90 is your dependable partner.

2. Comfortable Interior, Enjoying the Journey

The five-door, four-seat design ensures ample interior space while maintaining a compact exterior. Both the front driver's seat and the rear passenger seats offer sufficient headroom and legroom, allowing you and your family to enjoy a comfortable ride.

3. MacPherson Independent Suspension, Smooth Driving

The D90 features a MacPherson independent suspension system, providing excellent stability and handling. On busy urban roads, whether it's bumpy pavement or sudden lane changes, the D90 maintains a smooth driving experience, ensuring both driving pleasure and safety.

4. Low-Speed Driving, Safety First

As a low-speed four-wheel SUV, the D90's moderate speed is ideal for short-distance travel in the city. It effectively avoids the safety hazards of high-speed driving while allowing you to fully enjoy the joy of driving while admiring the scenery along the way.

With its stylish exterior, comfortable interior, excellent handling, low-speed driving, and energy efficiency, the D90 low-speed four-wheel SUV is the ideal choice for urban travel. Whether you're an urban professional or a homemaker, the D90 caters to your travel needs, making your life more convenient, comfortable, and wonderful. Choose the D90 and embark on a new chapter of urban travel!

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