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Jinpeng Group’s Sichuan Base Outstanding Employee Recognition

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The lingering sound of the Chinese New Year's bells still lingers, and recently, the Sichuan base ushered in the joyful moment of starting construction after the new year. Spring returns and everything begins to renew. In this hopeful season, the Sichuan base held an award ceremony for outstanding teams and employees in 2023.

The event site was decorated solemnly and warmly, with medals, certificates, and gifts symbolizing honors neatly displayed on the stage. Each medal shines brightly, as if telling the hard work and outstanding achievements of the winner.


Amid warm applause, outstanding employees stepped onto the stage one after another to receive the honor they deserved. They come from various departments of the factory, some are technical experts on the production line, and some are quietly dedicated logistics personnel. Zeng Leqiong, a grinder in the blanking workshop, volunteered to stay at his job at more than nine o'clock at night; Liang Gang, a welder in the welding workshop, worked overtime until eight or nine o'clock every night for several days in the hot August... Cases of infection among outstanding employees Thanks to every employee present, their hard work and dedication have made important contributions to the development of the factory. The heads of departments, as presenters, hung heavy medals on the chests of the winners. At this moment, their faces were filled with pride and satisfaction. These trophies are not only personal recognition, but also an appreciation of their team spirit. The shining medals inspired every employee present, and the warm applause from the stage was everyone's affirmation of their work.


Excellent employees are the backbone of the Sichuan base. The economic situation in 2024 is not optimistic. We hope that all employees will follow the example of outstanding employees, adhere to the group's code of conduct, collaborate, fulfill their duties, strive for excellence, reduce costs and increase efficiency.

This award event is not only a recognition of outstanding employees, but also an encouragement to all employees. It reminds us that everyone’s efforts and contributions are worthy of respect and recognition. In the new year, let us work together, use dreams as horses, and work hard for the prosperity and development of the factory!


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