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Jinpeng Group launched its 5 major brands and 6 products at the Hong Kong International Automobile Expo

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On December 14, 2023, the Hong Kong International Automobile Expo officially opened. Jinpeng Group made a strong debut at this auto show with its five major brands. Jinpeng Automobile, Ant Guest, Jinpeng Auto-JT, JEMMELL, and Jinpeng Freight. The booth is located at The new energy vehicle exhibition area in Hall 3, Booth B06, demonstrates Jinpeng Group’s determination to start focusing on brand expansion overseas.

The YD and YX products under the Yike brand were unveiled, demonstrating the phased results of the Yike brand's comprehensive promotion of its new energy overseas strategy.

In order to further the style and trendy IP of Ant-Ke, Ant-Ke has invited Hong Kong users to participate in the "Central Vehicle Plan" to jointly create "unique" models that better meet their expectations. At this Hong Kong International Automobile Expo, two models have attracted the attention of many exhibitors as soon as they were unveiled. The two new car colors of Yike YD and YX are designed to highlight green travel.


The C-HA200QP performance version, a large-scale high-performance practical pure electric freight truck, was officially unveiled at the Hong Kong International Automobile Expo. This vehicle is specially designed for freight transportation and comes for convenience. It is built on the world's leading intelligent professional freight platform and is a Jinpeng brand freight vehicle. Another blockbuster masterpiece of category innovation in the new era, it perfectly integrates hardcore wildness and life assistance. It is bigger, stronger, more fun, and more versatile, with unparalleled travel capabilities, outstanding cargo capacity, and ever-changing modifications. capabilities and full-scenario leisure adaptability to meet users’ yearnings for freight and life.

Jinpeng Automobile debuted with JT 03, a new benchmark for smart low-speed electric vehicles. The flagship product demonstrates the brand's unremitting exploration of the ultimate experience. Based on technological innovation, flagship products are the fulcrum, and exclusive services are the extension, the JT brand opens up a new world The ultra-high-end construction of the Weiwei brand has led China's pure electric low-speed electric vehicles to a new level. Since its establishment, JT has continued to make technological breakthroughs to provide consumers with a reliable driving experience. At this auto show, JT03, as a Chinese brand’s unique pure electric vehicle scale architecture, has made further advancements in key areas such as power performance and comfort performance.


Today, Jinpeng New Energy AMY, a "new energy vehicle more suitable for you" under Jinpeng Group, focused on convenient travel in the industry at the Hong Kong International Automobile Expo, and went all out to pursue the brand's "high-quality development" road.

Lu Shouguang, chairman of Jinpeng Group, once said: "Build the electric vehicles that people need most." Today, Jinpeng Group has deeply rooted differentiation in its brand genes, and is unique in the increasingly fierce competition in the new energy vehicle market. It has not only created Jinpeng speed that has attracted attention in the industry, but also demonstrated an extremely stable growth trend. Since the launch of Jinpeng Automobile, AMY has achieved sales of nearly 70,000 units at home and abroad, firmly ranking in the 10,000-unit club, and has established a healthy and benign brand development ecosystem amidst the storm of "major involution" in the industry.

Jimai New Energy-Ling Box made its debut at the auto show and has attracted the attention of many industry media as a "unique first-class travel cabin".

In the category of micro new energy vehicles, space has always been a key indicator for measuring vehicle models and comfort levels. For LingBox, user experience is crucial. LingBox has minimized the "sharing rate". The vehicle is nearly 3.6 meters long and can reach an internal space size of 2.8 meters, making LingBox's "occupancy rate" reach 69.1%. Not only that, the second row and rear row can be flexibly adjusted according to travel needs.

In the new energy era, batteries are another important factor affecting safety. LingBox battery pack has passed 52 safety tests and developed its own battery management system to ensure user safety.

At the same time, relevant leaders at all levels were also invited to Jinpeng Group’s booth, including Fu Bingfeng, executive vice president and secretary-general of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, Jiang Zenghe, president of the Chinese Culture Institute, and IMXpo, the Hong Kong International Automobile Expo. The person in charge, Ouyang Jiamin, and leaders at all levels of the Hong Kong Automobile Association came to visit and provide guidance. They spoke highly of all categories of Jinpeng Group’s exhibitors and made guiding suggestions and opinions on Jinpeng Group’s products entering the Hong Kong market and radiating into the Southeast Asian market!

With the strong growth of the new Jinpeng Group, Jinpeng Group has formed a new product matrix covering pure electric mini cars, pure electric commercial vehicles, pure electric freight trucks, electric motorcycles, electric recreational vehicles and crossover vehicles. Jinpeng Group will Become a leader in green travel and open up a new pattern in the industry.

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