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Jinpeng Group Exhibition Introduction

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As an enterprise focusing on the field of new energy vehicles, Jinpeng Group has been committed to promoting the development of green travel. At the invitation of the 135th Spring Canton Fair, Jinpeng Group will actively participate in the exhibition and display a series of hot-selling products in order to demonstrate its technical strength and product charm to more domestic and foreign customers.


First, Jinpeng Group will display a variety of models at the outdoor vehicle booth (a total of 2 booths, about 40 square meters, booth number: 13.0C50-51), including HS, KJ, A8, Jinba, Tengjun, XY, etc. These models are not only unique in appearance design, but also have outstanding performance in green travel, intelligence and other aspects, and have received widespread attention.

Jinpeng Group

Secondly, at the indoor new energy vehicle booth (a total of 6 booths, approximately 54 square meters, booth numbers: 8.1F29-31, 8.1G13-15), Jinpeng Group will exhibit FY, YD, Huiang, JT01 and other new energy vehicles. These models represent Jinpeng Group’s latest achievements in the field of new energy vehicles. The FY model focuses on the combination of practicality and comfort, the YD model focuses on technology and intelligence, the Huian model shows the characteristics of both luxury and environmental protection, and the JT01 model is Jinpeng Group’s new green electric travel product with extremely high expectations.


At the exhibition, Jinpeng Group will not only display products, but also have in-depth exchanges with domestic and foreign customers to share industry development trends and corporate vision. Jinpeng Group hopes to expand its coverage through this exhibition, provide users with better green travel solutions, further expand its brand influence, promote the spread of green travel concepts, and contribute to the sustainable development of the automobile industry. Thanks to our customers for their long-term support and love, Jinpeng Group will adhere to the concept of "green, smart and convenient", continue to promote the development of the new energy vehicle industry, and help the prosperity of environmentally friendly travel.

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