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Jinpeng new energy vehicles are iteratively upgraded to enjoy a high-grade driving experience

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Recognition is both an expectation and a requirement. In 2023, Jinpeng New Energy will deeply explore customer needs. Based on customer driving experience and feedback, with customer experience as the core, it will upgrade and launch new 2.0 products, including exterior colors and interior color matching to meet personalized travel needs and provide more young people with accepted by people.


In terms of appearance color matching, Geetu 07, Jinpeng SUV, Amy car and other models have adjusted the hue and brightness on the original basic colors, and launched a variety of new body colors, such as Tiffany blue, beach gold, cocoa custard, avocado green, There are many beautiful colors such as Aurora Ice Green, Jasper Stone, Cloud Gray, Water Drop Green, etc. These colors are sure to make consumers' eyes shine when matched with many best-selling models. In terms of interior decoration, a variety of new colors including light green + purple, orange + green, etc., as well as new water transfer printing style colors and bold contrasting color splicing, have been added to bring visual impact to users, and the overall design atmosphere is very high-quality. The seats have been upgraded to use technical cloth material, which not only improves practicality, but also looks very fashionable.

This upgrade not only involves the body colors and interiors of various models, but also makes a number of functional upgrades focusing on comfort and technology.

In terms of vehicle configuration, the snail speakers have been upgraded and replaced. On the D90Pro model, the shortcut physical keys next to the large central control screen have been upgraded to a touch-sensitive design. At the same time, self-sensing headlights and dual remote control keys have been introduced to improve the overall practicality; and in many models The fuel tank of the range extender model has been upgraded to a 12-liter large fuel tank to better solve the pain point of pure electric vehicles limited by mileage; the 14-inch wheels have been upgraded to better improve the comfort and safety of the vehicle; the motor power has also been increased High-efficiency improvements have been made to improve the overall efficiency of the product. At the same time, other detailed designs and some configurations have also been adjusted.

Product upgrades can not only meet car owners' personalized customization needs for the appearance, interior and configuration of new energy vehicles, but also add to the vehicle's personality and taste.

New energy vehicles have become the absolute protagonist in the market, and high-end and intelligent trends are new trends in the future development of the travel industry. Jinzhi New Energy will empower products, develop high-quality products, improve product strength and design, launch a sustainable and powerful impact on more key technologies, and demonstrate extraordinary strength in the fierce new energy market.

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