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Jinpeng Group sets sail in Europe! Romania welcomes grand opening of first full-category flagship store

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Jinpeng Group recently opened its first overseas flagship store in Romania, Europe, and created its first Eastern European country manager position. This marks an important step for Jinpeng Group in the European market. The opening of the new store attracted widespread attention, attracting many car buyers and Jinpeng overseas secondary dealers to attend. The atmosphere at the opening was warm. Mr. Mou of Jinpeng Group made a wonderful speech at the opening, saying that Jinpeng Group's overseas products have thrived with everyone's help. He thanked everyone for their support and trust in Jinpeng's overseas products and looked forward to the bright future.

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The Romanian flagship store is not only an important milestone for Jinpeng Group in Europe, but also its bridgehead and weathervane in the European market. The opening of the new store also symbolizes that Jinpeng Group will accelerate its pace in the European market, expand its overseas territory, and bring high-quality electric vehicle products and services to more European consumers.


Jinpeng Group was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Xuzhou, Jiangsu. It has 13 production bases spread across 7 provinces and cities including Jiangsu, Henan, Hebei, Sichuan, Hubei, Tianjin, and Shandong. Spanning nearly 4,000 acres and employing nearly 8,000 people, the Group's commitment to excellence and sustainability has earned Jinpeng global recognition.

As a leader in the electric vehicle industry, Jinpeng Group has a diversified product portfolio, including electric tricycles, electric cars, electric bicycles, environmentally friendly special vehicles, etc., and is favored by users around the world. Jinpeng Group has more than 14 years of experience, has 20,000 sales outlets across the country, has a strong presence in the domestic market, and exports to more than 60 countries and regions in Southeast Asia, Africa, India, etc., and has established its own brand image across the country. Up to now, the Jinpeng brand has more than 15 million loyal users, and has won the honor of "the world's highest-selling electric tricycle brand" from China's famous brand certification and world record certification agencies.

As a global player in the field of electric vehicles, Jinpeng has unique innovative product design and excellent quality. At present, the company has more than 200 patented technologies, and has a provincial technology research center and testing center officially listed in Jiangsu Province. It has been designated as a "National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise" by the State Intellectual Property Office. Jinpeng Group will continue to uphold its mission of "creating better journeys through technology and promoting growth through innovation" to bring more wonderful travel experiences to customers.


With the efforts of Jinpeng Group, the opening of the Romanian flagship store will undoubtedly provide more choices for consumers in Europe and lay a solid foundation for the development of Jinpeng Group in the European market. Looking forward to the future, Jinpeng Group will continue to work hard to become a global leader in lightweight green transportation with innovation, quality and customer satisfaction as its core, bringing more surprises and convenience to the European market.

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