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Jinpeng Antbus won the industry innovation award, setting a new height in the industry!

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In the just-concluded 2023 China (Jinan) Electric Vehicle Innovation Competition, Jinpeng "Yike" won the "Technological Innovation Award" and "Market Brand Award" for its excellent product quality, leading technological innovation and excellent market reputation. , Set a new height in the industry!


Products are an important carrier for connecting brands and users, and product strength plays an absolutely key role in market terminal competition. The two awards won in this competition are designed to commend outstanding brands in the new energy industry that continue to improve their products, enhance product capabilities, and focus on user-quality travel. Jinpeng "Yike" has always adhered to the corporate mission of "using technology to create beautiful travel and driving corporate growth with innovation". Regardless of product performance and product matrix, Jinpeng "Yike" has an absolute leading advantage! From early stage market research, concept design, engineering design, prototype vehicle testing, to final mass production of the entire vehicle, all are in full compliance with the five major R&D processes for passenger cars to truly create a car-grade electric sedan.


Jinpeng "Yike" has a relatively complete product matrix in the industry. It owns popular models such as "Yuncai", "Yunduo", "Starlight" and "Xingyao", and realizes two-door, five-door and A00 platforms. Large and small platform coverage, in order to meet the higher requirements of users for travel quality, Jinpeng “Ant” continues to break through technical bottlenecks, while giving back to users, it also further enhances the product strength of Jinpeng “Yike”.


Jinpeng "Yike" will take the two major awards of "Technological Innovation" and "Market Brand" as a new starting point. It will live up to expectations and will surely create greater brilliance!

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