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Heavy! Jinpeng won the "Big Country Brand 2023 Potential Brand" award

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On December 22, the "Big Country Brands See the Future" 2023 "Big Country Brands" annual ceremony kicked off in Shenzhen. Nearly 200 representatives of well-known Chinese companies attended to discuss the high-quality development future of Chinese brands. As an outstanding manufacturer of green light vehicles in China, Jinpeng Group was also invited to participate in this ceremony. Executive President Mr. Wang Yingli accepted the trophy of "Big Country Brand 2023 Potential Brand" on behalf of Jinpeng Group.


"Great Power Brands" is a product of China's "Brand Power" strategy, aiming to help the rise of Chinese brands with advanced brand concepts and top platform potential. The 2023 "Big Country Brands" annual ceremony revolves around the theme of "Big Country Brands See the Future" and aims to summarize the brilliant achievements of Chinese brands in the past, through the forward-looking thinking and research and judgment of development trends generated by China's outstanding enterprises in the fierce market competition. To gain insight into the future, this requires the invited companies to have clear and outstanding hard power in terms of development results, technological innovation, industrial layout, and development potential.


In 2023, Jinpeng Group's industries will show a gratifying trend of "full bloom". According to incomplete statistics, Jinpeng Group leads the two industries of electric tricycles and low-speed electric vehicles in 2022. The production and sales of the electric three-wheel industry sector increased again by 30%, the low-speed electric vehicle sector surged by 130%, and the leisure tricycle sector surged. 40%, the electric bicycle sector increased by 10%, and the industrial chain layout of power/energy storage batteries, steel, automotive glass, motors, electronic controls, etc. also experienced significant growth. In addition to industrial development and layout, Jinpeng Group has also gained a lot in technological innovation. In 2023, it obtained 234 patent authorizations, including 12 invention patents. The mission of "using technology to create better travel" can be better implemented.

Based on its development results and development potential in 2023, Jinpeng Group not only won the ticket to the annual ceremony of "Big Country Brand" under CCTV, but also won the "Big Country Brand 2023 Potential Brand" award. This award actually Well deserved. Mr. Wang Yingli, CEO of Jinpeng Group, emphasized in an interview that "we must vigorously create industries, pursue technology at a fast pace, and build brands with great fanfare." This is a true portrayal of the current development trend of Jinpeng Group.


In the future, Jinpeng Group will continue to uphold the mission of "using technology to create better travel", continue to increase investment in technological innovation, strengthen brand building, and meet consumer needs with better products and services. At the same time, Jinpeng Group will continue to leverage its advantages in the industrial chain, strengthen cooperation with various industries, and jointly promote the high-quality development of Chinese brands.

We have reason to believe that Jinpeng Group can continue to maintain a strong growth momentum in future development and become a leading enterprise in the field of green light transportation in China and even the world. This is the power of "big country brands see the future". It transcends the present and will lead a new journey of business development with a solid brand foundation and unlimited innovation potential. This is the mission of "Great Power Brand" to empower Chinese enterprises, and it is also the common commitment of all Jinpeng people led by Chairman Lu Shouguang of Jinpeng Group to high-quality development in the future. Major brands, see the future!

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