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Green circular economy, reshaping the energy future

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Jinpeng Group Jinpike New Energy and Xiamen Xinnengan Company, they have strongly entered the lithium battery echelon utilization track.

Mr. Jia Zhuocheng, President of Xiamen Xinnengan Technology Co., Ltd., Ms. Lin Xiaojing, Vice President, Ms. Liu You, Vice President, and Mr. Yang Chuanbo, Project General Manager, paid a return visit to Jinpeng Group. Mr. Lu Shouguang, Chairman of Jinpeng Group, personally received them, and Mr. Liu Zhipei, Vice Chairman Accompanied the entire visit to Jinpeng Group's three major vehicle platforms and Jinpike Company, and hosted discussions.


After visiting Jinpike Huaibei base, Huaibei Municipal Party Committee Secretary Mr. Qin Weiguo and Mayor Mr. Wang Huadong together with leaders at all levels of the city and district met with Xinnengan and his delegation .


As a global leader in light green transportation, Jinpeng Group has been deeply involved in the green travel industry for 20 years and has accumulated profound experience in technology, resources, channels, services, etc., in order to quickly promote "lithium electrification", "intelligentization" and "global transformation" , accelerating the layout of the future, accumulating energy, fully demonstrating the determination and courage to fully open a new track.

Relying on its strong R&D strength and profound technical foundation, Xinnengan has entered the field of secondary utilization of small power lithium elevators as the most trustworthy battery system and solution provider in the industry, and achieved overtaking in the new wave of electrification. and global leadership.

At the forefront of the restructuring of the global battery industry chain and value chain, through technological innovation, ecological integration, co-construction and sharing, and global layout, the cooperation between the two giants has continuously strengthened core competitiveness and created "battery echelon utilization-battery disassembly-battery A full life cycle recycling system for new energy materials, including "recycling and recycling of raw materials". The cooperation between the two parties will continue to adhere to high-quality and sustainable development, adhere to technological innovation breakthroughs, accelerate the speed of global small power lithium batteries replacing lead-acid batteries, promote the rapid development of mini-car lithium electrification and intelligent industries, and build a strong comprehensive utilization of technology independent innovation capabilities and core competitiveness.

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