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Champion Strength丨Jinpeng Motors from Made in China to Business Card in China

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Facing the domestic low-speed electric vehicle industry's "one super and many strong" brand structure, Jinpeng Automobile, on the basis of firmly sitting on the top spot, has deployed a global development strategy and taken the lead in achieving success in overseas markets. In the first half of 2023, the growth rate will exceed 30% , showing Jinpeng Automobile's strong championship strength. Jinpeng Automobile has become a Chinese business card from China.

Build a global channel network


Up to now, Jinpeng Automobile has built a relatively complete channel network and service system on a global scale, with more than 20,000 global product and brand agents. Explosive models such as Jinpeng AMY and T90 are deeply favored and sought after by foreign users, and have been exported to more than 70 countries and regions, with a total user volume of more than 15 million.

Passed EEC EU certification

As early as 2019, Jinpeng successfully passed the EEC EU certification, and 226 complete vehicles were successfully delivered to the German market. As one of the markets with the most stringent transportation regulations in the world, Jinpeng Automobile's products have passed the EEC certification at one time, which shows the excellent quality and performance of Jinpeng Automobile products. It is understood that there are as many as 24 certification tests for products exported to the EU. At present, Jinpeng has the ability to complete 23 tests in the production base, with an independent testing rate of nearly 96%. Product testing efficiency and cost control can be optimized.

Multi-dimensional efforts continue to lead


In addition to accumulating strength in channels and products, Jinpeng Automobile will also increase investment in overseas markets in cross-border e-commerce, offline exhibitions, and brand promotion. Jinpeng defines itself as a user-oriented enterprise, through the internal drive of technology and talents, in-depth research on global travel scenarios, and in-depth analysis of global market demand, product development and after-sales service. Under the multiple blessings of various national support policies for going overseas, self-driving force of industry innovation and overseas demand, Jinpeng Automobile has further enhanced its overseas market position and national brand image.

Today, Jinpeng Automobile's success in high-end markets such as Europe and the United States not only strongly proves its forward-looking, but also provides a typical case and industry benchmark for the industry's high-quality going overseas. In the future, Jinpeng Automobile will further practice and deepen its foreign trade export strategy, accelerate the development of overseas markets with strong brand strength and strict quality management, provide better green travel experience for people all over the world, and contribute to the global development of new energy vehicles in China create strength.

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